Thimble Thoughts - Observations From the Eye of My Needle

  • Quilters Are Just Nice People - Yes, Quilters Are MY Peeps

    When you meet a quilter, it is safe to barge right in and say “what are you making with that gorgeous fabric?” or, “I know I shouldn’t be buying this but I just couldn’t resist, could you?”, or “this fabric is on such a good sale they are almost giving it away, don’t you agree?”.......Yes, quilters are my peeps! - Lisa
  • Could Sewing Be Considered My Yoga?

    I was shopping with my Mom recently and noticed some socks with a witty saying which provoked a chuckle “Quilting is my exercise”.

    Quilting doesn’t get my heart rate up, but could sewing be considered my Yoga?  As I see the familiar movement of the needle and hear the quiet hum of my machine,  a sense of well-being surrounds me.  If I am anxious, sewing gathers my thoughts and helps me focus........Quilting and sewing truly are my exercise - but I didn’t buy the socks!  ~  Lisa