Could Sewing Be Considered My Yoga?

I was shopping with my Mom recently and noticed some socks with a witty saying which provoked a chuckle “Quilting is my exercise”.

Quilting doesn’t get my heart rate up, but could  sewing be considered my Yoga?  As I see the familiar movement of the needle and hear the quiet hum of my machine,  a sense of well-being surrounds me.  If I am anxious, sewing gathers my thoughts and helps me focus. Like trained athletes, quilters develop their craft with practice and patience. Hear me out! Athletes practice the same play or patiently repeat the same movement over and over.  Quilters practice sewing a scant 1/4” seam over and over. Tranquility is threatened when the wrong fabric pieces are stitched together, or backwards, and worse yet, twice!!!  Yes, we must patiently undo what we have just painstakingly sewn because it is wrong, or crooked. The second or third time sewing the same seam is not nearly as rewarding as the first time!

A completed project gets our adrenaline pumping like an athlete finishing their workout.  Some quilters have been known to jump up and down with glee!

Quilting and sewing truly are my exercise - but I didn’t buy the socks!  ~  Lisa

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