Quilters Are Just Nice People - Yes, Quilters Are MY Peeps

Quilters are just nice people. That’s a word of wisdom given to me before I was a quilter. I have tried it on and find it to be mostly true. When you meet a quilter, it is safe to barge right in and say “what are you making with that gorgeous fabric?” or, “I know I shouldn’t be buying this but I just couldn’t resist, could you?”, or “this fabric is on such a good sale they are almost giving it away, don’t you agree?”

Then, there are the quilting retreats and classes (can you say snacks?). You may walk in feeling a bit shy and insecure, and the moment you sit down you start feeling at home. As my daughter once said, “Mom, these are your peeps”. It’s true, quilters are my peeps. You understand the joy found in running your hand over a soft piece of quilting cotton. You know how peaceful you feel when the sewing machine stitches along.

You ALSO understand frustration. The frustration of UFOs. The frustration of sewing wrong sides together and then getting out the seam ripper, sewing along and ripping AGAIN! But, all of these experiences are moments we can share as quilters.

Best of all, quilters share with each other. We talk about what is happening to us. We talk about our families, our friends, and, sometimes, each other. That’s when the magic happens. Yes, quilters are my peeps! - Lisa

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