Light Khaki Collage Yardage - Wigglebutts by Clothworks - Fabric and Frills

Light Khaki Collage Yardage - Wigglebutts by Clothworks

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Isn't one of the most endearing qualities of your dog, or the dog that you love, how they provide a source of unconditional love?  They come out to great you with their tails a wiggling.  Thus the name of this dogs line of fabric - Wigglebutts.  It speaks to the life of humans who are lucky enough to be loved by a dog.  We might think we rescue them, but then we realize one day, that they rescue us.  Enjoy this tasteful and accurate line of fabric as it reminds you about how your heart was stolen by "your best friend"!  I love the choice of colors and the artistic style used to portray how our hearts have been stolen by our furry friends.  I hope you enjoy this line as much as I do.  There is a panel included in this line that makes a great throw pillow as well.